Divorce is rampant in the world and in the Church. The World Health Organization has named “swine flu” a pandemic because of its rapid spread around the world. Divorce, because of its rapid and out of control growth in the Church should be viewed as a Christian pandemic. Divorce and Remarriage looks at three areas, the problem, the solution and how to get to the solution. Divorce in the Christian church is a result of secular thinking and a biblical ignorance. The Bible is full of illustrations of marital strife and its affects on family, children and associates. The solution is simple; the Bible also gives explicit instructions and illustrations to the Christian so they can have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. The last step is the hardest; how to arrive at the solution. Divorce and Remarriage is not a self help book. Christians cannot help themselves. Jesus said he would send a helper; the Holy Spirit. Therein lies the solution. In the power of the Holy Spirit we find the solution; a transformed life. Divorce and Remarriage is a call to Christians to take responsibility for their actions, submit themselves under the authority of Scripture and find fulfillment in their next and last marriage.